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Ethiopian Calendar Converter

Converting Ethiopian Date to Gregorian:

To convert an Ethiopian date (EY, EM, ED) to the Gregorian calendar, follow these steps. Firstly, add 7 or 8 years to the Ethiopian year (EY) to align with the Gregorian calendar, adjusting for the leap year cycle. Subtract 1 from the Ethiopian month (EM) to account for the Ethiopian month starting from 1. The Ethiopian day (ED) remains unchanged. If the Ethiopian year is a leap year, add 1 day to the converted Gregorian date. For example, if the Ethiopian date is 2015-04-25, the conversion results in the Gregorian date 2022-03-25.

Gregorian Date to Ethiopian Conversion:

Converting a Gregorian date (GY, GM, GD) to Ethiopian date involves several steps. Subtract 7 or 8 years from the Gregorian year (GY) to align with the Ethiopian calendar, considering the leap year cycle. Add 1 to the Gregorian month (GM) to adjust for the Ethiopian month starting from 1. The Gregorian day (GD) remains unchanged. If the Gregorian year is a leap year, subtract 1 day from the converted Ethiopian date. For instance, if the Gregorian date is 2022-03-25, the conversion yields the Ethiopian date 2014-04-25.

However, you don't have to perform all these calculations yourself. We have created a user-friendly Ethiopian Calendar Converter above that allows you to effortlessly convert any date between the Ethiopian and Gregorian calendars and vice versa. Simply input your date, and let our converter handle the rest, ensuring accurate and seamless transitions between these two calendar systems without the need for manual calculations.