Ethiopian Calendar

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The Ethiopian Calendar

The Ethiopian calendar is the official calendar of Ethiopia making the country one of a few countries in the world with its own calendar.

The calendar is also used in Orthodox Tewahedo churches where it originated from.

The Ethiopia calendar is seven to eight years behind the Gregorian calendar and similarly uses Christ's date of annunciation as the starting point.

Ethiopian Calendar

Date in Ethiopia Calendar Today

  • What is the Ethiopian date today?

    The date in Ethiopia calendar today is .

  • What year is it in Ethiopian calendar right now?

    The year in the Ethiopian calendar today is 2012 and the next new Ethiopian year starts on September 11 2020.

  • How many months does Ethiopia have?

    The Ethiopian Calendar has twelve months with 30 days each and a thirteenth month called Pagume with five or six days depending on the year.

  • When is New Year in Ethiopia?

    The Ethiopian new year starts on September 11.

  • Why Ethiopia is seven years behind the world?

    Although the Ethiopian calendar uses Christ's date of annunciation as the starting point, it calculates this date differently making it seven years behind the Gregorian calendar which the world uses.

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